Thursday, June 24, 2010

ID continued

Must apologize I was called to counter and accidentally pushed send. Bureacracy.....
Well anyway I was talking with some young men and a issue dealing with identity popped up. One of the young men in the discussion group has a real temper issue and he got in an argument with an older gentle man that was passing through the group. I witnessed this young man go from 0 to 100mph in a few seconds. He became very disrespectful toward the older man and wanted to get violent. After the older gentleman left the room, I took the time to talk with the group about control and anger. I asked the young man why did he give away his control, and he could not understand what I meant. I descrbed the situation from my perspective for the young man to see. I told that the older gentleman did nothing to him, but asked you questions and you allowed the question to move you to a point where you could of not only hurt someone, but possible be hurt. He stated that he did not care. I then asked the young man about his family, wondering how would they had percieved what just happened. Client stated that he did not care, because he does not represent his family. I asked him who did he represent then. Young man stated he represents himself.
I know that I am old school in many ways, but could one of the major issues we need to deal with is that of Identity. We have a large group of people in America who represent themselves. Not fully understanding their personal connection and responsibility to their family. maybe we need to help people understand these things. So that they can understand that their action, and behaviors not only reflect on them but reflect on their immediate family. A good name use to be more valuable than gold, and now a name has become worthless. Because we have just used it as ID and not developed the Identity that goes with the name.

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