Monday, June 28, 2010

We had a wonderful journey. We were able to build some new relationships that will help us build a legacy. The tribe grew this weekend, we were able to overcome some of the minor issues, and create a village from scratch. It is amazing that we did this with absolutely no money. I could only imagine how much more beautiful it would have been with a little money behind us.
Friday we pulled up and built the village in the wrong place, and moved it and had it complete before night time. had pleasent meal and started are story time around the fire. i discovered why our people use to gather around the fire, because the effect of the fire on a story are incredible. This weekend for the first time we were able to actually tell the story of our Mythic hero around the fire and it was a beautiful experience.
We will be having another village journey this fall. Getting us ready for a long winter. dont be shy come on out and experience this with us.Come learn about Gye-Nyame tribe. If you cant come feel free to suppport.

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