Thursday, July 8, 2010


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Honor is such a beautiful word. But what is it and how does it apply to our tribe? As i get older i am never surprised to find people using things especially words that they really do not understand. The 3 keys to nation building is Honor, loyalty, and sacrifice. Three very powerful words especially when they are understood and used in our lives and our dealings with one another. What is Honor? it can be defined as honesty, fairness, or integrity in one's beliefs and actions. In order for our tribe to grow we have to first be honest with ourselves. We have to ask ourselves those tough questions about who we truly are and why are we here (NIA). Then we have to ask ourselves why do we want to belong to this tribe? being absolutely honest with ourselves. because the true answer will let you know whether or not Gye-Nyame is your true home. Tribes were built and have always been built on and around honesty. When tribes first started developing it was out of a need to survive. People needed to come together to protect themselves and to insure their future. There was no pretense, no acting, just the fact that if humans were going to survive we had to work together. Today we are once again faced with the problem of survival, and your honesty first with yourself, and then with the tribe is of the utmost importance. Honesty has to do with revealing the truth. Can you truthfully come into this tribe and help us build? Can you truthfully emerse yourself in the process of SelfMastery? Can you truthfully humble yourself and learn, and in some cases relearn information? Can you truthfully come in with love in your heart, accepting all tribe members?
Honor is not something that you just one day wake up and you posses it. Honor is more like a journey, and it constantly requires a Gye-Nyame Wo/Man to always re-evaluate themselves to make sure they are on the right path. In this journey our principles, symbols and myths are the guiding star that we use to plot our course through this difficult journey. Can we be honest, fair and operate with a sense of wholeness(integrity) in the tough times as well as in the good times. Life presents us with constant test as a group and as individuals. This test help us move toward SelfMastery, and the farther you make it on this journey the easier it will be for you to help others on the path.
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