Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mother's Hum- Ha2ku by ha2tim

The first Earthrise photographed by humansImage via Wikipedia
Have you ever took the time to listen to the hum of mother Earth?If you take the time to listen, she will teach you alot about yourself and the world around you. While I was out doing my Hamblacha I had to listen. The sounds that I heard were amazing, but nothing unusual. It seems that all these sounds when you take the time to listen tell you a story.
 In the city I would walk right pass a bird chirp, cricket song, and a mosquito's buzz. But on my short journey these sounds combined with the Hum of Mother Earth helped heal my heart and carry my prayers to their destination. When we take the time to listen we will see that our mother is singing for us all the time, and this hum can help us heal all the pains in in our lives. Whether they have taken the guise of emotional or physical. Our healing is waiting for us, as a matter of fact it is calling us if we can slow down and listen.
The Earth is humming
singing 2 songs, day and Night
you can hear.... listen!!!

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