Tuesday, July 20, 2010

pulling it all together

As I sit and think about what is coming toward our tribe i cant help but to smile inside. We have been blessed with opportunity after opporunity. all this has of course been accompanied with struggle, but you cant enjoy the sweet without the bitter.
We have many projects that we are working on and it is very important that we pull everything together. We must realize that although each project has it's own name that all flows from and through Gye-Nyame. We have to develope the insight and the vision to all these things working toward our over arching goals. First SelfMastery and Nation building. When we loose site of those two keys we can begin to get caught up in the confusion and illusion that will definately rise. so whether we are working on the food coop, poetry fm, poetry am, cleaning business, selling plates,and etc.. the end goal is to better the life of the Tribe. Making sure that the main thing stays the main thing, and not get caught up in ego and power trips. So fam hold to your hats because the journey is about to get wild. Always remember the 3 keys to Nation building.

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