Saturday, July 31, 2010

"What is your Quest"-Ha2ku by ha2tim

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Every warrior/
Needs a quest, to hone their skills/
Find yourself a quest!!
Ha2ku by ha2tim- insights from hamblacha 2010
Every warrior must take it upon him/herself to find something worth questing for. When we go on a quest, we throw ourselves into the unknown forcing ourselves to grow. I use the term warrior because in our process of SelfMastery™ we understand a warrior as one who is involved or experienced in conflict. In our culture we have been taught to avoid conflict; take the easy road. Not realizing we may be robbing ourselves of the very experience we may need to move us to the next level in our lives.
When we embark on a quest we are thrown into a world of difficulties and obsticles that can bring out the best in us. Even more important these challenges can bring out the worst. I know you probably are wondering why is it important to bring out the worst. Well many of us have pushed the worst part of us so deep down inside that we can pretend and even forget that part of us exist. When the worst in us surfaces it gives us a chance to remember that we still need work. In our Tribe we use the metal silver as a symbol that reminds us that we need constant work. Silver is a beautiful metal but if it is neglected will tarnish quickly. This tarnishing reminds us that we need to clean our silver symbols , and reminds us we need to clean our innerselves regularly as well.
So find yourself a noble quest, and begin your journey and maybe we will meet in our journeys.
Brother Ha2tim
Self Mastery Coach
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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