Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Death is coming" Ha2ku by ha2tim

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Every warrior/
Knows that death is stalking him/her
Embrace fact & live
Ha2ku by ha2tim- blog coming soon
The unavoidable end. Why do we even try to escape what is real. Warriors empower themselves when they embrace the fact of death. When we do this we are able to live life to its fullest. Not just hide our heads in the sand like many people do. Warriors are able to put all of their power and energy in the moment, because they know nothing is promised. Warriors live in this way because it gives you personal power to use to help yourself and others. When we live our life as if we are promised tomorrow, this makes us weak. When we think we are promised tomorrow we may not give our all because we are trying to save the best for later.
A true warrior lives on the edge and know that death is stalking him. Recognizing this fact gives true warriors an edge in every feild that they invest their time.Why are you not fufilling your dreams, could it be you believe that you have plenty of time,or you were told that you were young and had a long life. Just for one day embrace the fact of death. Live as if this was your last day, and see how much you get accomplished. Of course I know that some of you reading this "blog"will use this idea for foolisnhness, but this is dedicated to those who have realized their purpose, and/or those that have decided to save humanity. Understand that the people who run the system bank on the fact that people fear death and use this to keep us in the status quo. Brake out of the mindstate of a slave and move toward the concept that you are a warrior. Use the mindstate of a warrior to help you achieve what you will. Death is not anything to fear, as a matter of fact use the knowledge of death to empower your life and motivate you to stop wasteing time.

Brother Ha2tim
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