Friday, August 6, 2010

"Miracle happen" Ha2ku by ha2tim

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Miracles happen/
Every moment of the day/
Just open your heart/

Well this is my one hundreth post. This is a miracle for me. Although I can speak for hours it is hard for me to sit down and put my words to paper. Maybe that is why I like haiku because it is just 17 short syllables and I am done. Today I will be writng about Miracles, and how they are everywhere but we just need to develop the eyes to see them and more importantly develop the heart to feel them. We have been born in a time when technology has developed to the point where it can inhabit our whole life. We can literal spend 24 hours, involved with some of the gadgets that are availible to us.
Miracles are all around us happening every moment of the day, but if we are not really tuned in then we miss them and begin to take life for granted. We have put a mystical twist on miracles and we have such high expectations that we miss the miracles that happen in our lives. For some reason if it is smaller than the red sea parting we pay very little attention to them. I am here to pull your cut tails to the fact that miracles are real, and that we may be blocking them from our lives by looking for some grandious occurance. Embrace the miracle of your life. Embrace the miracles that are your birth right. Embrace the miracles that surround you from the flowers that you walk by, or the rain that falls from the sky. Be thankful to that Energy (Axe')that has been providing you with these miracles.
Maybe you are to deep in personal pain to see them. Maybe you are to busy trying to survive to see them. Never the less they are there and waiting for you to recognize them. Realize that once you start recognizing the small miracles (if miracles have a size)it will be easier for you to recognize the large ones in your life. So take some time from your pain and thank that person that made you laugh, or take some time out of your busy schedule to smell those flowers you walk by. Open up your heart and expect the miracles and you will at first begin to see them then you become part of the cycle. The miracles will begin to manifest for you and through you.
Brother Ha2tim
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