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"Change"-Ha2ku by ha2tim

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Pressure, heat, tension/
The ingredients for change/
Stop avoiding them/
Ha2ku by ha2tim
It seems that the most constant and consistent thing in life is change, but much of what we do as human beings is done to avoid it. By avoiding change we avoid the opportunity to grow. Change can usually be recognized by some of the symptoms that accompany it. Here are the symptoms:

Pressure: when it is time for us to change we often begin to fill pressure in all aspects of our lives. It seems as if the world is conspiring against. We seem to receive all the bad news, and so called bad luck events flooding our lives. This is nothing but the major symptom of change. were are being told by the universe that some type of change is about to take place in our lives. Instead of trying to avoid this pressure we need to begin to look at what is being communicated to us. We need to begin to ask ourselves questions that will help us get some clarity Like: what do I need to stop?
What do I need to Start?
Who needs to leave my life?
Who do I need to add?
Where can I go for advice about this situation?
Most of all we have to begin to prepare ourselves, because as the elders teach pressure can either "bust pipes, or makes Diamonds".

The heat can either be actual or symbolic. We end up in situations that can be said to be hot. Of course when we come under pressure the temperture tends to rise. This necessary, because heat helps get the impurities out of our lives. The heat also loosen us up for the next mold of life that is coming our way.

The tension begins to build around the parts of our lives that we soon will be broken away from. During this time of tension we begin to realize what is truly important to us. The ancestor called this "being able to distinguish between the Real, and the Unreal". Sometimes during these times of tension we have to re-evaluate everything we had done previously and truly grasp on to what is important to us and let everything else fall as it will.

These steps may sound hard but they can be some of the most beautiful times, because during these times we not only get to learn about ourselves, but we also learn about the friends and organizations around us. We get to see who or what really belongs in our life.
We have over the centuries (I believe) become worshipers of comfort and the easy and that is dangerous for someone on the warrior path. Because these times are sure to happen in every life. These times are necessary for not only our advancement but also the advancement of society as a whole. If we really sit back and look at our lives they are supported by this very process we avoid. Every modern convenience we use has went through this very process that we strive to avoid. Think about the care you drive, the gas the fuels the car, the wood, or stone that your house is made of, all the plastic we use the glass screen that you are reading this blog through, the cell phone that you use, and etc.. The process of Pressure, Heat, and Tension, has made our lives better by taking the elements around us and forming them into usable products. What makes think we are any different. We can't avoid this process and should not. So prepare for change for you can't avoid it.
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
Urban Shaman
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