Monday, January 24, 2011

All you need-Ha2ku

Musical notation showing the ancient Greek dis...Image via Wikipedia
12 notes in music/
26 letters to write/
you have all you need/

I heard an interview with Quincy Jones, and the elder spoke on the fact that their only 12 notes in the music scale. I was amazed at this fact, because over the period of my life all of the different music I have been listening to was all composed or played on the spot with only 12 notes. Artist are able to take just 12 notes and combine them into an infinite amount of musical ideas.

Then I began to think about the 26 letters of the alphabet and how we have been able to combine just 26 letters in different ways and create an infinite amount of stories, poems, essay, speeches, sermons, love letters and etc..

After realizing that I began to wonder what was I lacking in life. Perhaps I was looking at the quantity of things that I didn't have rather than the quality of things that I do. Just thinking about the 12 and the 26 and the infinite possibilities that flow from them. I have decided that I am lacking nothing. I just need to look at the infinite possibilities of what I do have rather than the big gapping hole of things I don't have. I have to learnt to cleverly combine the notes of my magical musical life and created the tunes of things to be and things that are. I decided that I will take the 26 letters of my spirit and write my mystical destiny. Creating my masterpiece of life.

My question for you, what is it that you are missing, because I my friend, I am missing nothing.
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