Thursday, December 9, 2010


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Universe expands/
As our consciousness expands/
We are the limit/

The Universe is a magnificent place, and each night as I walk my dog I am constantly looking at this Creation. A question came to me as I was looking at the snow and then up at the stars. I had recently heard a show on NPR where they described the two black holes that were discovered at the center of our galaxy. Each Black hole was 25,000 light years across. Now just thinking about the size and distance sent me for a loop. I often meditate on ideas such as this, but this night I was trying to create a Ha2ku to welcome the beauty and harshness of winter. Out of the blue, as I opened my mind to the Creative process, I was hit by this question "what if the Universe grew with the conscious of the viewer"? I know that for many of you reading this blog that this  is not a new thought, but the power of this idea inspired me. This means that all I see is created by my consciousness. the universe and and all of creation responds to our consciousness, and expands and creates as we search, and learn. So now the next question for me was what happens when a group of individuals search and learn?

Our Universe is in a sense dancing for us. The deeper and harder we look the more we see. For example we just found an organism that can eat and survive off arsenic (I think it was arsenic) in the Gulf of Mexico. What if we used this same observation skills and focused it into ourselves? Would we grow as we began to search and question in the same way that Universe appears to do? We are part of the creation, so we would be subject to the same rules.

I know this is just a random thought, but I can't help but to ask 'what if'?  I have nothing to loose by believing in my own power so I will. I hope that you will consider joining me on This journey. Let's dig deep into ourselves and watch our internal world expand. Let's discover new powers, and unlimited resources buried in our souls and spirits.   Let's uncover the hidden mystery of our minds, and unleash the power of our bodies. What do we have to loose.
Peace & 1hunidyears

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
Hip Hop Philosopha & Shaman
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