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Transperancy spoke/ Then wiki leaks break and now/ transperancy bad/ Ha2ku by ha2tim- make up your damn mind politicians Brother Ha2tim SelfMasteryCoach Nation Builder HipHop Philosopha & Shaman check me out @

State of economy- Ha2ku

Dollar value falls/ Salaries froze since 70's/ poor people struggle/ Ha2tim by ha2tim Brother Ha2tim SelfMasteryCoach Nation Builder HipHop Philosopha & Shaman check me out @

Do what you can

Just do what you can/ when & where you can, right Now/ and wait for harvest/ Ha2ku by ha2tim Brother Ha2tim SelfMasteryCoach Nation Builder HipHop Philosopha & Shaman check me out @


Paradox is life/ In this mystery we live/ Constantly between/ Ha2ku by ha2tim Brother Ha2tim SelfMasteryCoach Nation Builder HipHop Philosopha & Shaman check me out @

Smoke & Mirrors-Ha2ku

Smoke and Mirror used/ To throw you off your life path/ Certify yourself/ Ha2ku by ha2tim Brother Ha2tim SelfMasteryCoach Nation Builder HipHop Philosopha & Shaman check me out @


Im stuck where I am/ can't move for fear is present/ Each thought torments me/ Have you ever been stuck in life? If your answer is yes, then I would like to welcome you to this journey. Getting stuck is part of our struggle. Our constant foe on this path is fear. Fear strikes at us in many different forms, what we need to develop is the skill to be able to see beneath the mask. When we are able to identify fear we can more easily deal with our issues. fear has the ability to freeze in place. Our thoughts seem to stop flowing, and it may feel like we are in the midst of torture. To get past this we have to push through the illusion that usually was create by the fear. Brother Ha2tim SelfMasteryCoach Nation Builder HipHop Philosopha & Shaman check me out @

Gears of change-Ha2ku

What's your gears of change/ Have you built a system yet/ To guide you to goal/ Ha2ku by ha2tim Brother Ha2tim SelfMasteryCoach Nation Builder HipHop Philosopha & Shaman

Small strikes-Ha2ku

David slew giant/ With free stones, could terrorist/ Do same to this land?/ Now that the fervor from the TSA (feeling people up) has fallen victim, to the hype about the wiki leaks. I feel comfortable talking about my little Ha2ku. The thought hit me that the good old USA may be a goliathe in this battle. b Ha2ku by ha2tim Brother Ha2tim SelfMasteryCoach Nation Builder HipHop Philosopha & Shaman


We learn by questions/ Questions light fire of mind/ that burns to the Truth/ Ha2ku by ha2tim Brother Ha2tim SelfMasteryCoach Nation Builder HipHop Philosopha & Shaman

entrepreneur- Ha2ku

America needs/ Entrepreneurs creating/ Not jobs to be worked/ We are in a Image via  Wikipedia  new time. A time where job security no longer exist. Where the best way to keep a job is to create one. This is a different view for many, but it is necessary in todays economic climate. We have to force past the old paradigm of corporation and the state being able to provide for us in old age . We are living in an unstable time. We have to be bold enough to create for ourselves. Jobs today are not perminent, they should be viewed as vehicles for the moment. That help us build toward our own businesses. Take a look at your life and see what it is you can do to provide for you and yours, and take time to develop it. Do you like writing, are you a comedian, actor, rapper, do you hide your interest inpublic office, do you like solving puzzles, are really a numbers nerd, and etc.. What ever it is you love use your imagination and the resources around you to figure out how you can make


Image via Wikipedia Do you know the tricks/ Every trade has tricks, learn them/ And become the best/ View this sleight of hand trick before you read the blog it will help you understand where I got my motivation for the Ha2ku and then the blog: Do you know the tricks of your trade. To become the best we have to look at those that are the most successfully in our field, and learn from them. In my short life I have noticed that those who make the most progress understand the principle of tricks. They have found or created small short cuts, that if we pay attention to, we can duplicate and improve upon their success. I need to stress that just finding tricks is not enough we need to practice our skills continuously, and begin adding the tricks that we learn to become the best. Many of us believe what we see. What I mean is that many of us see people that have mastered their skill and the tricks of their trade and think that what they are doing is easy. That is the

Name your purpose

Image via Wikipedia When you name something/ You own it, and can define/ Now name your purpose/ Check out this video then read Blog: When I view this video many thoughts run through my mind. I am reminded about trying to hide my tears when I saw it for the first time. When I was young this movie was all the rage, everyone I knew at the time were in and sitting down in front of the TV to view Roots . The thought that had been placed in me during that time has constantly haunted me. Why was it so important for Kunta to accept the name that was given to him. Being so young I could not understand, but as a much older man today I do. The goal on this journey is to take everything that comes our way and find the lesson. The lesson that I am able to pick out of this video at this time, is the power of naming something. Historically those that named a thing had power over that thing. When I look back in history we can see this over and over again. This is because in n

Reached my end of the Year Goal

Image by Jessie Reeder via Flickr 2500 hits/ thank you for reading my work/ come and join the journey/ I would like to thank all those who have taken the time to read this blog. I have put a lot of work into it, and it means a lot for me to reach one of the goals I have set for myself. I will continue to serve you with hopefully some challenging views. Feel free as usual to leave comments, and suggestions, for that is the only way I will get better at this blogging thing. So I wish all of you a Happy Solstice, Happy Holidays, and a very Happy New years. Let's bring it in as we continue you this Journey together. Peace and 1Hunidyears Brother ha2tim

Do you- Ha2ku

Cover of Malcolm X Look into your heart/ Clear your mind of programing/ Be true and DO YOU!!!/ Why live life, and not fulfill what you were born to do? all though this sounds strange we all know people who are not "doing them', but doing what everyone else thinks they should be doing. We sometimes get caught in the net of others lives, and try to fulfill our duties to the world around us neglecting to do what we were put here to do. This is a major challenge on this Journey. Think about those that walked the path of SelfMastery before you. Although I am writing about it today this process has been around for millenia. Usually those that chose this path had to plunge themselves into the unknown, and face the fact that they would loose the support of those closest to them. This is painful, but it is necessary, and in the end rewarding. Jesus walked away from his earthly family to fulfill his journey. Buddha left great wealth and power for the same reason. Booker T. Washi

Change your view

Image by Mark Sardella via Flickr Blessing and road blocks/ are two faces of same coin / Simply change your view!/ Are you being confronted by a blessing or obstacle. It all depends on how you look at it. Could it be that many of us miss out on our blessing because we are looking from the wrong viewpoint? We are only seeing one side of the cosmic coin. We begin to think what we are seeing or experiencing what is real when in fact it is only half of reality. The best news in the world for those that are on this journey is that reality flows between two opposite poles. What this means is that all situations that we end up in are dual. We just have to b e wise enough to see. Our elders always said things like " every cloud has a silver lining ", and etc.. It is impossible, I repeat impossible for anything to exist in this universe that does not have some interaction with the poles. In other words every situation and thing has a positive and negative side. We just have to

Busy doin nothin-Ha2ku

Busy not doing/ Nothing is consuming time/ To busy to grow/ On this journey we have to make sure that we just don't move for movement sake. Sometimes we can over crowd our day with absolutely nothing, and when someone disturbs our empty day in which we are doing nothing; we get upset. Now, we have to take some days for ourselves and do nothing, but the days I'm referring to now are different. These days can be marked by a complaint about not having enough time to complete our taks, but you may have had 10 FB updates in an hour, been letting everyone know whats going on with you through your tweets,  you may have viewed 5 YouTube videos about unrelated subjects, and you are in the midst of 3 different text conversations. Come on fam....? We become so busy in unproductive activities that we end up pushing what is important or what we say is important  to the back of our life. Settle down, put down your nothing and complete your task. Trust me FB will be there they just hi

Smoke & Mirrors

Image via Wikipedia Smoke and Mirror used/ To throw you off your life path/ Certify yourself/ Where can you go to get permission to pursue your life path? Who can you talk to be allowed to do what you were born to do? These may sound like stupid questions, but many of us are looking for just that. We have been groomed to stand in line, wait our turn, and have fun only during recess. We have been taught to value a person not by the Wisdom they may possess, but by their degrees or certifications. The old bait and switch trick has been worked on us.  Beware smoke and mirrors are in effect. These are tricks to keep an enemy or subordinates confused. The only way that someone without power or lack of superior numbers can win a battle is through trickery, and we have been tricked. We spend our lives pursuing others permission and certification when in fact you were born with a stamp of approval. Understand; that I am not saying to stop learning, by all means get knowledge , but get


Image via Wikipedia Paradox is life/ In this mystery we live/ Constantly between/ We live in between extremes. For life to exist it has to dance in between the opposites. We dont know why but that is the way it is, but we can even learn something from this. We can learn about the power of mystery. If life flows from mystery, it has to be powerful. What is mystery: something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained. In seeking to understand this mystery we learn about the power of this creation. This Universe is full of opposites that we all live with but because we have become use to them we over look them. these opposites not only create our  lives but make them livable. Take time to be amazed by this paradox today, and allow your mind to move and explore the paradox that we live in. Here is some opposites to explore and meditate on if you have some time: Male & Female Day & Night Up & Down Good & Bad Right & Left Etc. Notice that


Image by M.C. Martin via Flickr What do you intend/ intention is your weapon/ Use to cut threw life/   For those on the journey the challenge is to learn to find your lessons not out of the mouth of wo/men, but to find them in the world and your experiences. Your story is the text book of your life and the lessons you can gain from studying yourself are vast. Dont ever under estimate the wealth of wisdom sitting unattended in your personal journey. We are all being prepared for greatness in some way, but sometimes we miss the lesson because we get caught up in life. Now that I have that out the way let me tell you a short story to help make my point and to cover the lesson in my Ha2ku. When I was younger (alot younger) I use to play football (which is full of life lessons). I was alright, and was told by many coaches that I had potential for greatness in the game. I recently ran into an old coach of mine that gave me a lesson that I had to share. This coach remembered m

why I use Haiku (Ha2ku)

Image by marrngtn (Manuel) via Flickr Haiku exercise/ forces thoughts into small space/ forming seeds that grow/ I have been surprised that no one has ever asked me why I use Haiku, or even inquired about why I call them ha2ku. i was challenged by a good friend one day to do haiku for a whole month, and I discovered the power of these small packages. Haiku forced me to convey an idea in 17 syllables. I had to change my whole thinking process to accomplish this task for a whole month. I have always thought that more was better. I guess I picked up this idea during my schooling. i would turn in papers and teachers would return it and tell me I needed more detail or that I needed to expand on an idea, and that is exactly what I did. Then when i moved into my career I had to learn to throw more fluff into my writing. It appeared that the whole world wanted me to write more, do more, and be more. We learn all these things growing up in the land of plenty. We base our whole self im