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Kuumba teaches/
I create therefore I am/
lets recreate world/

Principle- Kuumba
Color- Orange
Element- Earth
Number - 6
Day - Saturday

This principle speaks of our very nature. We were created to create. We are here to create. The only question, "what is blocking your creativity?"
If Kuumba is in us then why do we refuse to unleash this power on the world?
I see a lot of products being produced, I see clever wrapping, I hear some what impressive music, but it is not creative. A majority of what I see in the world today is a variation of a variation of a creative idea from years ago. Kuumba!!! Where have you gone? Come back into my life and the world. Help us create our freedom and prosperity rather than begging to recieive it from the uncreative powers that be. 
To create, to practice Kuumba is one of the highest forms of Worship. When we create we pull on that divine spark within ourselves. By pulling on that diviness in us we show our appreciation for life. Today take the time to release your Kuumba, and practice the highest form of worship for your Creator you could ever do. Use the symbolic (above) tools to help you plug in to this powerful force.
Peace & 1hunidyears
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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