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Living with Nia/
sheilds us from life's random winds/
that blows away fake/

Principles- Nia
Element- Air
Day- Friday
Number- 5
Color- Yellow

Accidental life/
Poor child, wake up and live life/
Try life on purpose/

This was an old Ha2ku from earlier this year, and here is a blog called "Live on purpose", purpose has been a major topic on our journey this year and probably continue to be. It appears that many of us live our life on accident, we zoom through life on auto pilot following  regular patterns that make us comfortable, but it is this very patterns that may be holding us hostage. during this day of Kwanzaa we get to re-evaluate our life and the reason for existence, and refocus our efforts to accomplish what we chose to come to this planet to fulfill. Part of Nia is taking responsibility for your existence and stop allowing the random events of your life to hold you off your path. When we embrace our Nia, and begin to focus on it we attract all that we need to us to fulfill it. They key is to first identify your purpose and then focus upon it. Take some time on this 5th day of Kwanzaa and discover your your Nia and begin to move toward it in 2011.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Through my journey I have noticed that those that are operating outside of their Nia have certain traits in common like depression, easily angered, bouts of sorrow, low self esteem, a unhealthy need to make other's happy, and etc.. The main reason I can recognize many of these traits because like many of you reading this i have been there. What I have also had the opportunity to see is that those that dare to walk their Nia may not be the riches or most famous but the most common  quality about them is that they are truly happy. By no means do they escape the challenges of life, but the way they see these challenges is much different than those who are stuck doing things outside their Nia. The moral of this story is to align yourself with your Nia. Use the symbolic tools that I gave you at the beginning of this piece. every principle has symbols and best times that you can use to help you focus on understanding and attaining it, just plug in. I will be doing workshops in the coming year to help those that want to take their personal Journey to another level. Stay tuned for dates and times.

Peace & 1Hunidyears

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