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I will perservere/
Step by step until I get/
What it is I want/
My son had a skating party with his school. He had only been skating once in his life. As I put on his skates it did not occur to him that he could not skate. He jumped up on the skates an immediately hit the ground. He then got back up caught his balance and tried again, but the second time he pushed the envelope. He decided that he wanted to go on the floor with the other skaters. At this time my fatherly instinct kicked in and I grabbed him and told him to practice on the carpet. He fell down 19 more times got up and moved toward the floor. He got onto the skating deck and fell down some more. He went to the middle of the floor and kept falling never giving up. He continued to fall down and get back up. I looked on in amazement. He did not care that people was watching him, and some may have been laughing. The only thing that his mind was on was learning to skate.
As I was watching this process at first I was worried for him, but then I began to learn from him. He was totally focused on skating today, and was willing to goto the hospital to prove it. He demonstrated for me what it is that many of us loose in the ageing process (not just flexiability), perserverance. He was determined to skate NOW. He didnt care about the falls, the possible teasing or anything else. He was totally focused on the outcome that he wanted. My youngest son gave me the best lesson in SelfMastery™. He demonstrated what happens when we focus on what it is we want. Not worrying about the pain that he had to endure to get it.
What is it that you want out of this life? I gurantee that if you pursue and perserveer you it like Cleve (my son)  will enjoy the victory just as he did.
*check his video attached  to this blog: Perseverance video
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