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Face mortality/
It sobers you in world that/
Strives to keep you high/

What is your drug of choice? Do you prefer the synthetic highs that are produced by tobacco, alcohol, weed, cocaine, heroin, money, tv and etc.. Maybe you prefer the organic highs that are produced by arguing, drama, gossiping, fighting, depression and etc.. What ever your drug of choice is the world wants to provide it, (I stand corrected) needs to provide it. The world that I am speaking of is the man made world. How else could a small group  control the masses unless they kept us supplied with our drugs of choice. In order for a small group to rule they have to keep the larger group high off of something. We need to sober up, and take a real look at what is going on in this man made world before it self destructs.
Sobriety is needed now. Sometimes it takes the addict to hit what is called "rock bottom" before s/he or they is/are forced to look their mortality in the face. When mortality is recognized the addict has to make a major choice either to continue using (which leads to an unhonorable death eventually), or become sober. What does being sober mean. The definition that we will look at on this part of the journey is #7 (out of the New World Dictionary second college edition ©1972) it states:
Sober - characterized by reason, sanity, or self control; showing mental and emotional balance (that's a mouth full)
To take control of this world, and most importantly our lives, we have to become sober minded. When we are high off of what our suppliers provide, we cannot make proper decisions. So we have to come to terms with our personal addictions. Addiction is a very interesting word. It simply means to be addicted. Addicted comes from the word addict which means "to give oneself up to something (we believe the 'something' to be drugs, but drugs are not the only thing we give ourselves up to). To be addicted means that you basically have given yourself away. You have become a slave to something. Now the challenge here is to be honest with oneself and see what we are addicted to, face our mortality which reminds us that we don't have forever, and get busy freeing ourselves. To become sober (to become sober can also be defined as becoming free),
I feel that it is necessary to point out that we all have addictions or something we have given ourselves away to. We have to find them and deal with them. Unfortunately it is looking like if we don't sober up soon, we will be hitting rock bottom. Crisis after crises is hitting and we continue to fool ourselves with our DOC (drug of choice).
On this journey we are all 'works in progress', seeking to better ourselves. Today lets look for our addictions. Lets face them and the deadly truth and lesson that they hold for us. These addictions when looked at properly are nothing but the materials that we can and will use to build our road to success.
*all addictions are not bad, but that is something for another blog..... looking forward to your comments...
Peace & 1hunidyears
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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