Tuesday, December 28, 2010


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Collective work and/
Responsibility is/
the key to freedom/

Principle- Ujima
Number- 3
color- blue
Day- Wednesday
Chakra- throat
Element- Fire

Ujima is the principle that helps us accomplish our goal by teaching us about communication. It is through communication that we are able to marshal our internal as well as our external resources to work together to achieve a goal. When we look at this principle and put it in to practice we become the great speaker, but we also learn about the responsibility that comes with being the bringer of the word.

by getting in tune with Ujima and working with it in meditation we learn about the importance of the collective, and how by use of the proper words and motivation we can accomplish the impossible. The mistake that many make with this principle is that they  focus only on the outside world. To get the full use of the power of Ujima we first have to focus its power inward. Yes we have a collective inside of us. the human being has at least 5 parts (IMESP we will cover this in a later blog, please remind me). When we are able to bring all the parts of ourselves into harmony then it is easier to work with the outside world. Remember that these principles are to be used to help develop you, and through you and your action improve the family, community, tribe, and etc.. Use Ujima as a word of power in your meditation today and uncover the secrets it has for you on this Journey.

Peace & 1hunidyears

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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