Monday, January 24, 2011

Chemical burn

Chemicals can burn/
but our actions burn deeper/
leaving marks on lives/

I challenge you to really look at this video and listen to the issue that are dealt with in less than two minutes. They deal with  heroes, sacrifice, initiation, God, man relationship with God, and hitting bottom. The most critical piece for me was the question about god. "If our fathers were are models for God what does that say about God?" being a young man coming up with no father in the house this question hit a nerve when i first saw it. Then working with young men I could see how this question played out in others lives. I want go into it today maybe later, but I want you to look at this question for yourself "If our fathers were our Models for God what does that say about God?".  Let's take it a little deeper "if our parents were our models for God what does that say about God?".
Just when i thought that was the toughest question my youngest son walks in the room. Now a  faced with this question, that has been in my face for over 20 years. I guess i was seating so close to it that I missed it. "What type of model am I?"

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
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