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Cycles of life

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Studying cycles/
Using reference points set by/
the seasons of life/

Through my many experiences I have been noticing the cycles that we travel through so I want to share this info and maybe one day pen it in a book.
Cycles are intervals of time during which a characteristic, often regularly repeated event or sequence of events occurs. When things happen in cycles they can be predicted. This is where our power lie, in the ability to look into a cycle and know what is most likely to come. I know this is an old system, but I love looking at old wisdom and throwing the Ha2 touch on it. I believe that many things that we can use in life to make us happy, healthy, and wiser have been made to complicated. This was to keep common folks like ourselves away from it so that we could be taken advantage of. When you look at some of the systems that have been put into the realm of occult and made mysterious, you would probably be surprised by the fact that these systems were developed not by priest in temples, magi in castles,  initiates in secret systems, but probably farmers and people that herded cattle. These people of the earth the common wo/man needed to be able to monitor the cycles of nature so that they could take advantage of the best times to plant, harvest, herd, and etc.. Studying cycles was something that human beings did because it was necessary for survival. Only after it was mastered and assisted with survival did it grow into the systems we now know. Many may think times have changed and we no longer live with cycles but they would be wrong, we all have been shaped and molded by natural and human made cycles our whole lives (like the clock, day and night, Dow,taxes season, holidays, and etc., some of our jobs are based on cycles). It only make since to start learning about these cycles and take advantage of the power that is available.
The most obvious cycle that has the strongest effect on all of us that I have been looking into is the seasonal cycle. For most of us these four seasons have helped shape our lives, and have taught us many lessons that we will be able to pull on to make this system effective for us. The seasons are so powerful that they shape the way we live, what we do, how we dress, and even effect our moods.  The four seasons I felt would be the perfect symbols to pull on for an effective system.
In my personal life I have noticed the seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter) playing out. I have noticed the seasons playing out in my personal hero's life. Strangely enough if you expand the view and the time period you can see the seasons playing out in the life of cultures, states, king/queendoms, empires and nations. The results are always the same, those who did what was supposed to be done in the right seasons prospered and lasted. Those who did not perished. For example those who tried to expand and grow in their winter cycles failed.
Now lets take a quick look at this life cycle and how we can use it:
For the individual:
Birth-20- spring
21-41- summer
42-62- fall
63-83- winter
Now within each year of life we go through the seasons as well. Each season last a total of 91 days. Your birthday is the beginning of spring for you each year, and the seasons change every 3 months.
Now I need to stress that no season is better than another. It just is and if you do the activities that are meant to be done in that season you will find success.
Now for some discussion.....
What does each season symbolically means to you? How do you feel during each season of the year, and why? What is your favorite season?

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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