Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jaws of defeat-Ha2ku

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Lie in the jaws of defeat/
A beast with no teeth/

We can get so involved in life that we can overlook the creation spot for opportunity. Defeat is a part of this journey, and the problem is that we don't get from it what we need. We are looking constantly to get everything right the first, second, and third time. When faced with defeat we may put our heads down, and miss the opportunity that is lieng right in front of us.
While studying myths I noticed that the s/hero were constantly confronted by defeat, but were able to transform this defeat by noticing the lesson that came with it. When we do the same thing we can improve our lives. Defeat is not the end of the road in many cases it is a chance for a new beginning. By learning to seek out the lessons in defeat we become masters. Remember it takes 10,000 (check out the blog) tries to become a master of something. If fact we made need to learn how to celebrate our defeats because they not only force us to learn if we want to be the best, but they help us become a master so that we can guide others. So let's learn to look into the jaws of the beast, and snatch the opportunities that lie within.

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