Friday, January 7, 2011

Living Document

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Constitution is/
A living document we/
Provide the heartbeat/
The people in America are the living breathing power of the Constitution. The only way this country can go astray is if the We the People allow it. More importantly we have to realize that this is a living document which means it evolves with the time. If we allow ourselves to be stagnate and stuck we not only kill ourselves we also kill the idea of this country. Let's keep it real there is no way that a group of males sitting in a room almost 300 years ago could have foreseen everything that would confront this country. Hell most of us can't plan a budget for a year without a surprise popping up. For us to believe that the founders of this country and framers of the constitution were all wise is a mistake.
We simply have to find ways as a country to move forward respecting our past, and being critical and honest with ourselves, but being bold enough to blaze a new trail. The government can't provide jobs for all of us, the government cant push growth, stimulate the economy, and take care of the poor and sick. They can enact laws that makes this possible and easier to accomplish, but the bottom line is simply that it is we the people who have to find create ways to do these things, and we need to hold our Representatives responsible to us. We are the heartbeat, and if we stop so does this country.

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