Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh shit

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Car finally starts/
white smoke and bubbles in coolant/
Oh Shit, storm begins/

Check out this scenario:
You have everything moving. Your career appears to be moving forward. Your finances are coming around, and you have made plans for a future venture that will move you toward your life dream. Then out the blue it seems that a stray blow from life comes and attempts to shatters everything. whether its your car, finances, relationship, friend in need, and we can go on forever. Life's storms flow in and it seems that we may need to change course. We are forced into a rough spot and have to make a tough choice. Now the world tells us that we need to do the sensible thing, follow common sense and change course. No one can make it through the storm that you are facing. Step back and wait for the water's of life to calm down, let the storm clouds of destiny clear before you begin your journey.
For many of us this is nothing, it seems that life is designed to challenge us and stop our forward progress. At this point many have delayed beginning their journey so many times that it has become a habit. We have even developed philosophies that support our tragic delays.
I was faced with this prospect once again over the weekend. On this journey we have to learn to change how we see and deal in this world. We have to move from depending on common sense, and start moving and using uncommon sense. Common sense limits many of us, because it is common. Most of the goals that people have on this journey are not common. You have known that the way you think, and act is not common. So why would you rely on common sense as an advisor, you need to learn about uncommon sense. Being able to look at life outside of the confining restraints that you have been taught. Look at some of your role models, and those who have traveled this path before you. They also had to learn to use uncommon sense to move toward their goals as well.
The challenges  that arise need to be looked at in an uncommon way, and dealt with uncommonly. You may not need to change your course. You may need to move through the storm, and welcome the lessons. you need uncommon solutions that will keep you moving on your journey. Yes it is scary, and like me when you are on the fringe of the storm and moving into it you will also exclaim "OH SHIT', but that is not a bad thing that is just shock, and fear. Hopefully you have been on this journey long enough to know how to change these things into allies that move you toward you goal.
I have been  away from a keyboard for a few days. Life's storms have been hitting my ship. No matter how much we know, make, or do this is a fact of life that we will never escape. So stop trying, take the uncommon road, and move through and i will meet you on the other side.
Peace & 1hunid years

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