Monday, January 10, 2011

To serve- Ha2tim

The essence of Love/
Is to serve and sacrifice/
Are you capable/

I ran across this definition and it blew me away. You love what you serve. This is interesting because when I look at my personal life this definition challenges me to re-evaluate my service. When I look at the things that consume my time in this life, am I dedicating my time to the things that I claim that I truly love, or am I focusing my life on things that I feel I need to do to survive (let me rephrase that statement the things I think I need to survive)?

Our love can be seen also by what we sacrifice for. When we give up our time (which is the most valuable resource) we show our love for a thing or person. This brings the question that I have for my readers today. Like myself this way of looking at love may be challenging. because we seem to live in a world where our love is hijacked, by the need to survive. Each day we have to give away time, and resources to others and projects that we may like, but don't love. When this happens It takes away those resources from what we truly love. So maybe we may need to take a deeper look at our life. Are you spreading love in you life? Are you giving love or are you wasting energy?

This definition also reminds me of a class I once gave. The subject of worship was brought up and after this discussion started we were able to define worship as 'the act of focusing  attention', this definition was very similar to the new look at love. The thought occurred to me that Love and worship should work hand in hand. to love something also can fit into the definition of worship. We should love what we worship, and worship what we love.

what do you Love?
what do you worship?
How do yo serve these people and things you Love in your Life?

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