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3 wise fools

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Adopted wisdom/
as my own, learned my lesson./
Read, what did you learn/

3 Wise Fools

Adapted from a tale by Rumi and will be in my upcoming book "the lost art of story tellin". Click link to check out my current book the "Player's Pyramid" it is availible as an ebook, or you can click "HERE" to get a copy hot off the press. Support the Journey..........

Once upon a time, there existed a great city that was large in size, but could fit in a bowl. It stretched as far as you could see from the east to the west and from north to south, but was no bigger than a coin.

In this great city lived many people who numbered 3. # very wise fools, who spent their days debating the happenings within their great city. They debated the politics, economic policy, laws, rise in crime, poverty, and etc...

The first wise fool was blind, but had very good sight.

The second wise fool was deaf but had very acute hearing.

The third wise fool was naked, but dressed very nice.

One day the blind wise fool looked into the horizon and saw dust rising and declared an army was on the march.

The deaf wise fool agreed because he said he could hear what they were saying.

The third naked wise fool hoped they were not a group of haters coming to steal his close.

The blind wise fool looked again and saw the army heading towards the great city, and said they should run for their lives.

The deaf wise fool argued because he could hear them plotting and planning their attack.

The naked wise fool began to run because he didn’t want them to take his outfit,

The 3 ran to a very small village about the size of the world and because of their long hard retreat they were very hungry. The only thing they could find in the village was an old dead dried up chicken. These wise fools decided to have a feast. The blind wise fool said that he should eat first because he saw the chicken moving first.

The deaf wise fool said he should have the honor of eating first because he heard it clucking.

The naked wise fool agreed with them both, but felt he should go first. Just because….

The moral of the story is very simple, so when you figure it out hit me up, because i'm clear on which of those wise fools I am. What should haunt you is this simple question, “which wise fool are you?!?”
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