Thursday, February 10, 2011

chocolates Part 2

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Thank you for the response. This story poem will be in my book called "the lost art of story tellin". I will post the rest according to the response. If you want the rest let me know. leave a comment here or on fb, twitter, buzz, snailmail, email, txt....
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Now vanilla doesn’t like chocolate because it’s becoming to sweet, and chocolate is becoming to wise for even alpine white to cheat
Vanilla and alpine white are upset because it becoming harder to control chocolates mind, and would gladly trade in African chocolate for European chocolate of any kind
Chocolate has been doing research and found it’s history that vanilla and alpine white hid, now chocolate knows its been around for millions of years chocolate developed
And you even find pieces of cholates in the pyramids
Chocolate even found out it was in America before vanilla touched the seas, made friends abroad, and started the first universities
Vanilla and alpine white became upset and told chocolate “YOU ARE GOING TO FAR, HOW DARE YOU SAY WE COME FROM YOU, AND YOU WERE THE FIRST TO MAP THE STARS”
Chocolate reached into its library pulled out several books, and years of research to prove that it was not playing
Now chocolate said “ look, here’s the proof as any fool can see, and also when the Creator wanted something sweet the Creator first created me
Now when other chocolates heard this they fell in love with their own taste, and started to get angry about all the years that had went to waste
Then went to work to immediately to put chocolates back on the shelf
This wasn’t a simple task because the chocolates had to first learn to love themselves
Now this was complicated because many obstacles had been put up, chocolate had to first learn that there is no life without struggle and stagnation corrupts
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