Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Making history

Heroes: Are you on the list?Image by kchbrown via Flickr
S/heroes don't start out/
Knowing that one day they will/
Effect history/

Every action we take in life ripples out and effect the universe. No one starts out thinking that they will effect world history. It Just happens, by the individual focusing on what they love or believe in. From their concentrated effort comes a spiritual power that transforms everything they touch. This is true alchemy, the truest magic. When the individual focuses on their purpose they force the universe to respond to them. This response causes people and things around this person to change.
When we look through out history we can see this for ourselves. It is an incredible power that many of us miss out on because we are  now multitasking. Rather than focusing and allowing the universe to surround us with the people and situations that will help us succeed. Multitasking separates our focus instead of working on what we do best we allow our focus and attention to be split into many different direction. This makes our efforts weaker. I often use the example of  a martial artist trying to break a brick. When s/he is trying to punch through a brick they focus on the brick. Actually they focus through the brick, and have faith in their ability to push through. Nothing else in the world matters but smashing through the obstacle. If they allow their attention to drift they may end up breaking their hand in the process. They are able to focus in this way because they have trained their mind and prepared for this moment.  We can learn from this example and begin to focus on the obstacle before us. We can begin to train ourselves to learn to focus to make the breakthroughs that we need. We will also develop the faith that what we need to achieve our goals will be provided for us if we just begin to move. History teaches us this fact, when we look at those who took the Journey before us for example Gandhi, MLK, Elijah Muhammad, Edison, George Washington Carver,Napoleon, and the list goes on and on. These people took action at what they were born to do and the universe was forced to respond. So make your move and begin to affect history.

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