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Basic Scheme of a Neuronal NetworkImage via Wikipedia
Networks are power/
Combine many into one/
To accomplish goal/

Networks are powerful collectives that work together to solve issues. This can be seen all throughout nature. Smaller things coming together to make a greater thing. For example your body is a perfect model of not just one network but several networks working together to give you life. Cells combine to make organs and your organs combine into a body creating something that is powerful.
By forming networks we can empower ourselves to live the lives we desire. A healthy network pulls on the best quality and skills of its members to produce high quality outcomes. Each member is able to benefit from the success of the network.
The thing that I have found that hold networks together is self interest. The bottom line is that networks form to increase the chance of that group to survive. So every member has a vested interest in the success of the network because they get a direct benefit. Now I know that we are use to thinking that self interest is the same as selfishness. They are definitely related, but the genius of a network is that it has the ability to keep self interest balanced out with the idea of interdependence/unity (the principle of Umoja, check out my book Player's Pyramid to get more info). The best networks (groups,organization, tribes, families) have a way of tapping into the positive power of selfishness, and pull out the true self interest of being. The network helps the individual being see that its success or familiar is connected to the whole.
When the negative part of selfishness runs through a network we see it begin to disintegrate. For example cancer is an example of selfishness running rapid in a system.
Do you know what networks you belong to? Are you being held hostage in any networks? I have you ever tried to plug into the power of one of your networks?
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