Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New day

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I woke up happy/
Ready to face this new day/
Time to make changes/

For the first time in a while I woke up feeling energized. I was excited to face the day, I guess it is because I have finally done something that I have been hesitatant about doing, I finally published myself (for real this time). It all started for me at the end of 2010. I realized that with my blog and stories I had more than enough info to write 5 different books.
I finally decided to stop waiting and claim my time and power and focus on completing the projects. I decided to republish "The Player's Pyramid", and forced myself to put my other works in process. I finished my poetry book, and began to gather and write down the stories that I had created or adapted for SelfMastery™. I then decided to pull all of the proverbs and quotes that I have been sending out and compile them into a workbook that can be used with the process of SelfMastery™. I also decided to take my SelfMastery™ coaching sessions that have on cd and convert them to mp3 and market them as well (meditation by the #umbers will be out soon as I master the ability to upload mp3s).
The pressure for me to finally pull this stuff together came with the fact that I am changing jobs and the reality hit me again that I will never be able to do what I love as long as I work for other's. My time is being ate up by these jobs. I no longer have any time nor money to donate to what I love doing most, helping others. I have lost the free time and resources that it takes to participate and help build the Gye-Nyame Tribe, I can't assist in fund raising and had to miss the reunion and summer camp for the S.I.M.B.A circle (real heartbreaker), I had to step away from the Urban Warriors, I had to limit my participation in the Gathering for Justice, I had to stop doing public speaking, I had to leave my internet radio show, and I can go on and on. The fact was that I went out looking for a gold mine that was literally right up under my feet all the time, or rather stored in my google documents, and on my bookshelf at home. I have decided to put my books, MP3s, and services in the market place. With the intention of being able to employ myself and others. I'm taking my freedom back, and running off these plantations.
This is why I was up before the sun today excited about finishing my little bit of writing. Excited to write my blog and begin the outreach necessary to make these projects succesful. I feel like a weight has been lifeted off my shoulders, although Im replacing it with a bigger one, but hey freedom has never been free. Plus my journey has already prepared for this.
I know that my story is far from unique, there are far to many people that hide their gifts from the world. Unless you put your gifts out how will you know what is possible. I am encouraging all that is on this journey to share your gifts you never know who you will save.
Now I will be emailing and texting to promote my first book and MP3. Those of you that read this blog if you know of outlets where I can expose my material I would appreciate it if you share it with me or share my info with those running the venue. If you know someone with a bookstore, beautyshop, clothing store, or even a fruit stand that will allow me to either sell my material their or even just put up a flyer or poster let me know. If you know organizations or events that need speakers (about SelfMastery)or  that will allow me to  sell my book let me know. If you know of any orgaanizations that needs a fundraising project let me know. I want to leverage the power of these networks we have built on the internet.
Here is a list of my books and when I will release them (projected release date):
"Player's Pyramid "- availible as a ebook will be out as a paperback (2-27-11)
"Poetry is my Religion'- poetry book (4-27-11)
"Gye-Nyame Journey Workbook"- (3-21-11)
"Ha2kus"- (6-21-11)
"The Lost Art of Story Tellin"- (9-21-11)
Meditation by the #umbers- (2-27-11)
Why SelfMastery- (2-27-11)
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