Saturday, February 26, 2011

Number 2

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How interdependence works/
To make web of life/

By plugging into and understanding the number 2 we begin the exploration of wisdom. Wisdom is not the compiling of information. Wisdom is rooted in getting things to work together. In other words cooperating. The number 2 is described:
Element: Earth
Polarity: - (negative, feminine, cool, dark, internal)
Quality: fixed
The 2's element teach us that it is stable and firm. It is confident and strong. From the earth (2's element) we can learn the power of silence and giving. The earth is not judgmental and provides for all. The number 2 is the same.
From its polarity we learn that 2 is a power that is cultivated internally. We first need to learn how cooperate with ourselves before we go out into the world and try to promote cooperation. cooperation can not be forced onto someone it has to be willingly taken. that is where wisdom comes into play. By plugging into the #2 we get access to the wisdom to bring people and systems together.
From its quality we find that the #2 is fixed. This means that its axe'(power) is released in our lives by using patience. This power does not bend, or adapt to the world. The world eventual bends to it. This power stands like the earth firm and unmovable.
Embrace the 2 and see what you can find in this wondrous symbol and release its axe' (power)n your life.

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman

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