Tuesday, February 15, 2011

release of my book "The Player's Pyramid" and other projects

Dear friends & Fam
I have just published my first book. This is something that I have been working on for years. I hope that you will support me in my new business ventures. This is a dream that I have long had and I hope that you support and enjoy. Right now I am in process of putting the finishing touches on 4 more books about the SelfMastery™ process, and my SelfMastery™ CDs. I will be making them availible as well. For more info check out my blog @ gyenyamejourney.blogspot.com
I would appreciate it so much if you would click the link and at least give my first project a chance (Player's Pyramid).
I am sending this email to tap into the power of the network that I have been building for years so I hope that you would pass on the link to your friends and family.
I am looking for as many oppourtunities to market my products as possible and I know that reaching out to you is the first step in a long journey. If you have any ideas feel free to contact me. That means speaking engagements, book fairs, parties, poetry spots, study groups, organizations that need fundraising ventures and etc.. I am making myself availible to travel to reach my goal. I know to accomplish the things I want in life I need to "go hard or go home" as one of my daughter's would put it.
My goals are:
*Sale enough books to employ myself and two others
*Help raise funds for causes & organizations that I love
*Be able to pay for at least 10 young men and ladies to attend simba and simsa camp
* to sponsor at least 3 Gye-Nyame tribe camping/ workshop weekends
With that I wish you Peace and 1hunid years.

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