Friday, February 25, 2011

Slow down

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Must slow down process/
Explain system step by step/
For understanding/

I started talking about the number system without explaining the system I use. Because there are many different ways of looking at the number system.
I call it of course the Gye-Nyame system. The first thing you need to know to understand about this system is that we don't just look at numbers as quantities. We also look at the quality of the number. We discuss how the numbers can be used to assist with your personal SelfMastery™. This is basic numerology  I have just looked at the basic definition of the symbols and adjusted them to work with our Journey.
Numbers play a major role in many of our lives. Everyday we are using numbers so why not use this symbols to help get a better understanding of yourself. Each number describes a different manifestation of Axe' (energy). By understanding the Axe' (energy) we can use it when it enters our lives rather than being overwhelmed by it.
When you begin to use this system the focus should be on developing yourself. Not trying to figure out the lottery (hahahahaa). You must begin to notice the numbers that randomly pop up in your life, and begin to extract the exact number or form of energy is surrounding you at anytime.
What I will be doing over the next few blogs is briefly describing the numbers and what they could represent. I say may represent because this is based on my experience. You may get a different understanding and begin to define and build your own system. Take notice of things like your favorite number, your address, favorite phone numbers, birth date, and etc.. determine which number is popping up for you. Once you have you found it, now you must find the lesson that is there for you.
Now here is the way I have learned to look at the numbers. I break each number down into 3 parts:
Here are the 9 numbers. Now there are only 9 numbers. I don't count 0 as a number (that is another lesson all together that may be discussed in a blog). I need to mention that their are only 9 numbers because according to the Pythagorean system all numbers can be broke down to one of the 9. For example:
You are doing nothing but adding across.
Now back to:
Element-fire, earth, air, water

Polarity- +(positive,masculine,light,hot):            -(negative feminine,dark,cold)

Quality:cardinal (initiator starter) fixed(set in ways comfortable, solid) mutable(change, adaptability,fluid)

#1: fire, +(positive), cardinal
#2: earth -(negative), fixed
#3: air, +, mutable
#4: water,-,cardinal
#5: fire +, fixed
#6: earth - ,mutable
#7: air + cardinal
#8: water - fixed
#9: fire + mutable
Now in following blogs we will take a short look at individual numbers. 1 was covered on Tuesday 2-22-11. I will add some more then complete the rest of the numbers.

Nuff said
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