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Spiritual science of giving

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Tithing is designed/
To make us better people/
What do you give to?/

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Tithing is designed to make us better people by encouraging us to give. It is unfortunate that this tool for spiritual growth has been hijacked. When we give we sacrifice something that we need. These does 2 things:
1. It helps humble us, by having us serve others
2. It forces us to have to trust in something beyond ourselves
Humbleness is a very powerful tool in our spiritual development. It is because we are humble that we are able to learn from others. Not only learn, but it helps us to develop the sight  to see the divine in every being. we also learn the power of being a servant, and how we grow closer and more like our Creator as we serve.
It also forces us to trust in the Creator and the universe that we live in. Through our trust, or faith (Imani, check out the power of Imani in my book) we build our ability to manifest our own vision. When I give away a piece of myself and learn to know that I will get a return I am plugging into true power. I build faith in the very Law (Reciprocity) of the universe. Although the Law works my lack of faith in it may make it impossible for me to see its action in my life.
Tithing is a powerful tool that helps us on our Journey. By practicing it we open up opportunities that may have been closed to us before. Now I do need to stress that tithing has been misrepresented in many circles. Tithing does not have to be just money, but it can be time or some other sacrifice. Tithing just does not happen in churches, temples or mosque either. A proper tithe is paid to those places or person's that spiritually feed you. I know this may be new for many of you but I repeat tithing does not have to be given to just a religious organization. When we tithee we are in a sense sending energy (axe') into the universe and to our Creator as a salute. This salute just does not happen in religious places. We are plugging into the cycle of reciprocity and our 10% is a seed that we are planting. Although it is a sacrifice it still is a seed, and growth happens everywhere in this universe. The proper way to pay tithes is to give to those things or people that feed you spiritually. Give with love and intention and watch the return come in all their beautiful forms.
Lately don't feel bad if you may not have the financial means to give. Realize that the concept is to make a sacrifice, and when you give time to a person, and or place in service are you not making a sacrifice.
Just know that on this journey we must sacrifice of ourselves to reach our spiritual heights, just know the rules so that you
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