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Tribe as a network

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Tribe is a network/
It becomes powerless when/
Connection is lost/

I was driving home and as usual a few thoughts for Ha2ku occurred to me while driving. First the idea about networks which you read yesterday. Then the idea about tribes hit me. I began  wondering and then I ask myself 'how do you create a network as efficient and as powerful as those that occur in nature'. The answer that occurred to me is that you don't. Maybe the perfect network arise at the perfect time with the perfect group. I want to stress that the "perfect" that I'm using here is not the traditional perfect (without blemish, mark or mistake) i'm using it to mean just right. Maybe in trying to form networks we mess the process up and get imperfect events. Maybe we destroy what we are trying to do by over engineering and interfering (these are just some of my ideas, feel free to comment).
While enjoying the thoughts that were wizing through my mind. I began to look at the fact that a family was a network, and tribe as well. Then the the big thought hit me that a nation is a network as well. This took me back to my lessons, one of the first things we learn to define in Gye-Nyame tribe is a nation:
A stable historically developed community of people, with territory, economic life, distinctive culture, and a language in common. Now a nations definition can also fit a tribe as well as a family just smaller. Families and tribes have the same qualities of a nation just not the quantity.
Looking at the definition of a nation, tribe,and family. Then looking over the fact that they are networks as well. I was hit with a eureka moment. Some of you call it the A-ha moment.
To understand where and how I came to my moment of clarity I have to walk you through some steps of SelfMastery (for a deeper look at the process check out my BOOK). In this system we talk about the 3 levels of learning:
Memorization-being able to recite basic info verbatim. This is  developed by the process of scribing.
Intelligence of mind- developed after basic info is memorized now we begin to dissect info by asking questions of others and ourselves about given information. We begin to explore and expand on what we have memorized.
Intelligence of heart- you become what you have learned through practice and dedication. You have taken information from the mind to the heart and you not only live it but you use it effectively in the world. You become a master and are able to help others find their way.
Now as a student in SelfMastery™ I am constantly going through these steps over and over. I had to take a deeper look at the definition that we had for a Nation that I had memorized and ask myself the question "what if this definition is wrong?" So I started breaking it down into its parts to find out more about networks, nations, tribes, and families. Let's look at the definition of a nation again: a stable, historically developed community of people that has territory, an economic life, a distinctive culture and language in common.
In my mind I listed it out like this:
A nation (and possibly a network) is:
Historically developed
It possess
Economic life
Distinctive culture
Common language
For years I have worked with this definition, but today out of the blue I was hit with the fact that maybe I cant develop a successful nation, tribe, family or a network because my view has been limited. I had to go back through my process to see that the definition is correct but the order is backwards (just sharing an idea). Perhaps it is hard develop a nation, tribe, network, because I have been approaching the whole process from the wrong end.
Some of the questions I asked myself that helped me out was:
To develop a tribe (nation, family and even a network) what comes first common language or stability?
Can you be a historically developed community with out a distinctive culture?
These were only two of the questions I was wrestling with. I then decided to flip the definition upside down and see how kt would flow.
A people or group with a common language, distinctive culture, economic life and territory that has developed  historically, and have become stable.
Now I wont run through the entire process, but I will say this. When we reverse the definition people start with what they have and where they are. Which is a more powerful position to form a network, nation, and a tribe. I cant think of a nation a network a tribe or a family or a revolution (look at Egypt) that started their development with stability. Really when I look throughout history stability was never the first thing a nation or network develops, but language (the way we transmit ideas) is very necessary.
That is enough for now I will continue this discussion on another blog.
Peace and 1hunidyears
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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