Tuesday, March 15, 2011

13 week SelfMastery class

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I challenged myself/
to pick a day and begin/
SelfMastery™ class/
I will offer my first official class for SelfMastery™ . This will be a 13 week process that anyone who is interested can participate in. We will cover the information in 3 of my books (The Player's Pyramid, Lost art of story Tellin, and the Gye-Nyame Journey WorkBook) and see how to use them in our life Journey. We will walk through all material and you will be challenged with applying the steps in your life:
The course will be a once a week class from sunday May1- sunday July 24th (13 weeks) to graduate you will need to attend all classes and complete all homework assignments:
*The cost will be the purchase of the books plus $5 per session. There will be a package deal availible for all those who want to pay for everything all at once. Books will be availible at beginning of class. If books are purchased off internet for class I will make a code availible so that you can get a 20% discount.
*Location will be announced.
*Classes will be 1.5 hours long and we can have a karamu (lucky pot meal) afterwards.
*Each student will be required to complete home work and reading before class. Come ready or go home. Also be prepared to share thoughts, and issues with group.
*The classes will be based on concept of emergence. Which means that group questions, faciltators questions and participation will drive the course.
*each participant will be required to complete a project that will be due and presented to class during final session.
So get ready for the challenge for there will be growth and insight coming each week. For more information leave a comment or inbox me. I will get you the information that you need.
For those interested in becoming a certified SelfMastery™ coach this is the first step.
So continue to read the Journey for more information. I am planning a weekend retreat in September.
The Tribe will make some of each session availible on the internet.

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman

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