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The rise of the God within/
Are you hollow shell/

When we look at the root of enthusiasm it literally means the God within. When we become enthusiastic about something we allow that god that dwells in us to come out.
What do you do in life, that let out the divine that lies in you? We each need to find this on the Journey. When we plug into our divine and release it, the resources that we need for our journey are attracted to us. By being enthusiastic about what we do in this life, we become magnetic and we begin to see what we need come to us with ease.
We have problems in life when we keep the divine locked up in us. By locking the divine up within us we cut off our true power. We turn away the helping hand of the universe. This world, the way this system has been constructed appears to force us to focus our efforts on things that we have to do for survival. As a matter of fact we are made to believe that pursuing the things that bring out our divinity is silly and counter to our survival. My question is why? Why is it crazy to pursue what would bring out the best in us? Why is doing things that would help bring out our enthusiasm frowned upon? When by doing what you are enthusiastic about would not only better your life and health, but it would benefit everyone around you.
Those on the Journey find what you are enthusiastic about, master it and share it with the world and watch your life and the lives of those around you change. When we release the divine in us it can't help but to spill out and touch everyone in our circle. So write that book, pursue those studies, start that business and etc.. Remember the world needs divinely inspired entrepreneurs.
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