Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Height of life

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The height of your life/
Depends on the depth and width/
Of your foundation/

I have run into many people who have wanted to soar to the heights of life. They have big dreams and positive thoughts, but unfortunately that is not enough. We have to go into the foundation  of our life and dig deeper. If we truly want to build our lives to a highest height we have to be willing to do the work to dig deeper, and widen the base. These are of course  metaphores for getting into ourselves. Going into to the dark places in our soul that make us uncomfortable. When we plunge into the depths of ourselves we find out who and what we really are. We recieve the true blessings that were given to us at birth by the universe, and stop holding on to the false gifts of this world. The ancients teach us that we must learn to distinguish between a "gift and a bribe." this world can only bribe us and fool us into following the pide piper to our destruction. We are instructed not to explore the truest explored territory 'our souls'.
When i stop you from going deep within yourself I block you from being able to build your monument that is your life. You end up building huts instead of Pyramids (check out 'The Player's Pyramid'). You end up giving away your gifts and denieing the treasure that lies within.
So go deep, and widen your base. Be open to new ideas about yourself and the world. Look into those dark corners in your soul, and save yourself  or part of yourself from the dragon that holds in pieces. Make yourself whole and build your life to the sky.
Nuff said
Peace and 1hunidyears

Nation Builder
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