Friday, March 18, 2011

I am - by Preston J. Harrison

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I am.

I am the native tongue.
I am the brown recluse.
I am the spirit of the slave
with my neck in a noose.

I am a quote from the bible,
the legend of the scroll.
The music in your heart
when you sing from your soul.

I am the favorite son,
a warrior's tattoo.
The benefit of the doubt
when others can't trust you.

I am the dream keeper.
I am the moon's sun,
the hired gun, muted barrel,
I am the chosen one.

I am the brightest day,
and sometimes the darkest night.
I am the wind beneath the wings
when a bird takes flight.

I am the castle and the king,
the drawbridge, the moat,
the canoe in cried-rivers
making sure hope floats.

I am the first kiss, last breath.
I am the rook, the knight, the pawn, the king
in a game of chess.

I am the soul singer.
I am the rhythm and the blues.
I am the first idea
and The Creator's muse.

I am the sunday sermon.
I am the pulpit for the preacher.
I am the choir, prophet, priest
and sunday school teacher.

I am the saint-sinner.
I am the long way home.
I am a shape-shifter.
I am this poet's poem.
I am.

Preston J. Harrison.
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