Saturday, March 5, 2011

In the questions

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Enlightenment comes/
Through the questions not answers/
ask and it will come/

This thought came to me as I was reviewing the question of Gye-Nyame tribe. By asking question we throw a beacon out into the universe that gets a response. This response can come to us in many different ways so we have to train ourselves to listen and so we don't limit where the answers come from. The answer does not have to flow from the mouth of a guru or a world famous teacher. We may get the answer from walking down the street and out of nowhere an insight will hit. Maybe a bird will fly past us and trigger an answer. You may receive your answer from a child or a homeless man that you walk bye.
When we really get into the art of questioning we become genuine and wait for the answers. We have to become empty of all the preconceived ideas we have about a subject and allow the Universe to work.
This reminds me of segments from movies or myths that I have had the pleasure to experience:
Luke Skywalker went looking for a Jedi master only to find a old green ghoul, that he overlooks and disrespects because of his preconceived notions of what a Jedi master should be or look like. Only to finally learn that the ghoul (Yoda) was the ultimate Jedi master.
Kwi chang Caine goes to the shaolin temple to learn kung fu and he is given an old blind man that turns out to be the ultimate master of kung fu.
Hercules was put under the tutalge of a cenataur that turned out to be a master teacher of the warrior arts.
Neo finds out that the oracle who turns out to be his ultimate teacher and savior is an old Black woman that likes to bake and smoke cigarettes.
Over and over again we get the same motif. Lets make our journey easier and heed the lessons of those that came before us. Drop your preconceived ideas and wait for your answers, and hold back judgement because the one you condemn may bring you the answer to all your questions.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

Brother Ha2tim
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