Monday, March 21, 2011

Looking toward future

future office for Gye-Nyame

Looking toward future/
Dancing with joy in the now/
Found place to call home/

I know that those who have been following the Journey may look at the title and be thrown off. I have time and time again spoke about the importance of now, and yet I am talking about looking toward tomorrow. Make sure you read the Ha2ku carefully because I state that I am dancing in my present as I look toward future.
I recently found a headquarters for Gye-Nyame, and I am looking at the resources that have to make this vision possible. So when you see me advertising my books, and asking for you to support the Journey I am trying to fulfill my mission. I am a SelfMastery™ coach and need a place to operate, I am a community servant and I need a place to serve it from, I am a warrior and I need a place to train, I am a writer and need a place to write, and lastly I am a entrepreneur and I need a place to sale my wares.
Realize that in each of us is a dream and we on the Journey have to move toward it. Even if we have to leave all we know to do it. We end up in uncomfortable situations and these situation force us to make decisions. These decisions shape our lives. So realize the topics that I write about I go through or have been through. So I leave bread crumbs on the ground so that those bold enough can follow. When we dance in the now we can't help but to lift our heads and look into the future. As a matter of fact our dance in the now create the future. So dance with me as we move toward our dreams.
Ohh yeah....... remember to SUPPORT THE JOURNEY!! When you invest by buying a book, books, mp3, IMD, t-shirt,or just supporting by paying $2 for the blog, you are investing  in Gye-Nyame Tribe, and you are dancing with me as we move toward the future.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears
Brother Ha2tim
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