Tuesday, March 15, 2011

" My Aspiration "

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Here is another brother on the Journey he saw a good effort and he jumped of the sidelines into the game. Welcome to your Hero's Journey. I have known this brother for many years and he never ceases to amaze me with skills and talents. So prepare your mind, body and soul for the words of Rashid. He took my invitation to write for the Journey, and I extend that same invite to all those who have blessed the blog with your eye's. Now take the step and blessed those on the Journey with your thoughts. It can be a poem, article, mad rant, story, pictures, music, videoes, and etc.. Let us help you put your stuff out for the world to see. If you just want to address me privately you can do that as well. just hit me up I, or someone one in my Tribe will respond. Hahahahahaahahahaa.....
and now ladies and gentlemen I present to you: 

I aspire to be forever wise/

and only roam where the shade lies/

and if I choose to let the suns rays caress my beautiful black soul/

Forever wise....

MyKu by Rashid
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