Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No room for spectators

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Some just like to watch/
Move !! No room for spectators/
Your stopping progress/

As you walk this Journey you will find that you will have many spectators. They are waiting to see how it will turnout for you. Sometimes these spectators can get in your way with their critiques, and advice. You can listen and learn from some of this, but sometimes you will have to invite these spectators to get out your way.
Everyone on this Journey will eventually run into a rough time, and at times like this you don't need spectators you need help. This is when you will have to ask the spectators to clear the stands to make room for those people that will and can help you.
I recently had coffee and  a hookah (at the Shi-Sha lounge in columbus oh) with a few friends. As many of you know I  just published a series of books on SelfMastery™. One of my friends wanted me to explain the idea behind my books. He listened and then after we finished speaking he decided that he no longer wanted to be a spectator. He purchased some books, and asked if he could help me sell the books. He then asked me how could he become a SelfMastery™ coach.
In life we will always have those who want to sit on the sidelines of our life (and in most cases on the sideline of their own life) to watch what happens. Then every now and then you will run into someone that wants to truly get in the game. They decide to get out of the way and begin to help open the way. I hope you are blessed enough to find those player type of people, and bold enough to tell the spectators to get the hell out of your way.
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