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Number 3

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We now move to the number 3. his number teaches us about communication. The entire universe is connected through the power of this number. If we want to get anything done we have to look to this number, and master the skill associated with it. number three is the muse of the number system. lets take a closer look at this number:
 element- air
polarity- +(positive, outward, masculine, light, heat)
quality - mutable

When we think about the element of air we are taking about something that we all need but cannot see. we know that it exist but yet in many ways it is a mystery. we take it for granted because we feel it will always be there. we know that it can be gentle like a breeze, or destructive like a tornado or hurricane. Communication is very much like this element. We know that communication exist and we need it to survive, but for many of us it is a mystery. We know that communication can be soothing and gentle as a breeze or it can be brash and destructive like a hurricane. Communication like the air can be mastered and used to build our lives or from misuse and abuse it can cause major destruction in our and other's lives.
The Polarity of the number 3 shows us that this power works better in the outside world. It can help with internal development but it is much more powerful when  applied in the outside world.This masculine energy produces the heat and the light necessary to create. lastly the  number the 3 is mutable which means that it is flexible, and adaptable. It can be used in all situations by those that have mastered its power.
the number 3 communication is a powerful tool, and symbol that we can learn to use on our SelfMastery Journey. Many creation start with the creative source using this power to bring everything into existence. i would challenge you to do the same in your life. learn to use the power of the 3 and talk yourself into the life you want.
it is hard to discuss the number three for me and briefly discuss the power of kujichagulia (self determination for more info check out my book "The Player's Pyramid" or just google the term) this principle teaches about the power of definitions. This fits in with the number 3 because a definition just in the mind has little power, but when it is spoken or communicated that is when it affects the world. The universe was at first a beautiful idea at 1, the groundwork was laid at 2, but at 3 it was spoken into existence.
so once again reach for the power of 3 learn about it and share some info, this is a discussion. find what role the number 3 plays in your life study it and maximize it's power in your life.

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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