Friday, March 18, 2011

Power thought

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Think about nothing/

Is ultimate goal of life/

In nothing is all/

Want to thank all those regular readers. We will continue with the number system within the next few weeks. It has been very busy for me making  adjustments to new things in my life. I have been hit by a lot of new Ha2kus. i am looking for opportunities to get my books out, and making adjustments to my new job, and it seems that my time is constantly disappearing. It is times like this that we need to learn how to relax and meditate. because the Journey to SelfMastery can drain you if you allow it, but we have to learn how to deal with this. sometimes we just have to relax and learn to think about nothing. this can be harder than it seems. How do you think about nothing with so many things going on. Hell how do you just think about nothing. that is the task that we have to learn ourselves. Because or no one else can describe to you what nothing is. Sounds crazy, but nothing is a concept that can take a life time to imagine. that is the quest thought to sit back and not contemplate, but get to the point where nothing or no-thing is on our minds. 
When we reach this state we will have access to the power at our core. As i have told you countless times before. The goal of this world is to keep your mind focused and engulfed in bullshit. Because if you are able to get to this no-thing in your thoughts, meditation, and/or prayer. You will be able to see the Truth, and just a glimpse of this Truth enables you to do things that will lead you away from the social restraints that hold you. It will lead you away from the herd thinking, and you will not be a consumer. Which makes you a problem. This world as it is, does not have room for someone that has freed themselves from it's institutions of need. When you expose yourself and become a channel of power you become a threat. So sit down and contemplate the concept of nothing, or no-thing. then take it deeper than contemplation, and become one with it, and unleash the power in your soul. and together as one we can change this world.
*be on the look out for my meditation mp3, it will be available soon. turn your mp3 player into a IMD (future blog) device.....

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