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My brother is sharing his work with us, for those other poetry writer's out there that want to be heard and seen send me your work. I will be putting out "Poetry is my Religion II ", if I get enough new writers. so check out his work , and check out his product as well. Just like his Poetry OXYwater soothes the soul, and nourishes the mind.

The Truth

The truth no one can tell me,
as I find it in my ways.

A lie they try to tell me,
while conspiring through my days.

The truth they only see
when it's native to their perspective.

The truth I know is not singular
but resides in the collective.

The truth will be the truth
whether you claim it fact or fiction.

For the truth is not a fable,
legend, myth or a depiction.

I'll always speak the truth
and seek to be and know it well.

For me, that is the reason
some succeed where others fail.

Preston J. Harrison
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