Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What a difference a day makes- By PeeJay

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Here is another piece from my dear brother. He is standing up to the challeng and bold enough to bare his soul through the pen, and being a friend I want to share the beauty his soul holds with the world. We will be working on a book project to that will help raise funds for a foundation he will be starting in the near future through his company OXYwater (click the link to get more info, and for some of you entrepreneurs you will find a business opportunity...get in before it blows), the title for the book will be "Ink as Oxygen"
read and enjoy
What a difference a day makes.

That sentiment is relative to the course a day takes.

Yesterday seemed disastrous,

this morning's mood is glorious.

All is well in my household,

the family was victorious.

My good friend came to show me,

why I do call him just that.

In the times when I need magic,

out comes a rabbit from his hat.

Not for nothing, all for nothing,

but there is something in return.

A friend can only be a friend,

when that friendship has been earned.
As money flees, all things we spend,

cannot be trade for time.

Family love and loyal friends

are difficult to mime.

Preston Harrison
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