Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Your help is needed

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Your help is needed/
war is waged in our cities/
grants will not save us/

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I went to pick my babies up from the baby sitter today. I feel I am fortunate because we found an elderly couple we can trust to look out for the babies while we have to work. Unfortunately today the elder gentlemen was jumped by a young scavenger who hit him over the head and robbed him for the little money that he had.
I was shocked and ashamed. We have young boys running in these streets with no respect for elders or life. Attacking those that are weaker than they are.
I am use to being out there helping these young boys become men, but because of my career change I can't be out their involved the way I use to. Now-a-days I am stuck behind a desk to support my family. I felt responsible for what happened to the elder because maybe the boy who did it was one of the young people I was supposed to be out there helping and exposing to a different way of life.
To make a long story short and to get directly to the point. I am stuck.... I am a NationBuilder on the warrior path that has been side lined because of finances. I still serve the community in the capacity that I work, and I must admit I love what I do, but I feel that I am putting a band aid on gushing wound.
I want to get back in the community and provide direct services, not just in the city where I am, but in what ever cities will have me. I have spent the last 25 years of my life putting a system of SelfMastery™coaching together and I just want to get it out.
When you purchase a book know that you are investing in someone who will dedicate his time and if need be his life into making the types of change necessary. I got tired of waiting for grants or the luck of the draw to finance myself and other warriors who are willing to get out here in these streets. The fact is our communities don't need any more programs. They need commitments, and to get the type of commitment needed we have to invest in ourselves. We have to develop ourselves to set the example for those coming behind us.
Because of how my life has changed I can't commit the time to organizations that are committed to true change, like the Gye-Nyame Tribe, Urban Warriors, Simba & Simsa Circle, the Gathering for Justice, Barrios Unidos, La Placita, and the list goes on. So I developed products that I can market to free me up, and maybe invest in some of the organizations that I just mentioned. I'm not asking for donations I'm asking for you to invest in one or more of the products I developed so that I can support the work I love and support the organizations that do it.
One of my favorite proverbs from a book that has changed my life "the African Openings to the Tree of Life", states that ,'those that are not willing to sacrifice will not be fufilled'. I think our communities need some fulfillment. Those of you out there that know me know that I am very serious about this work that we call NationBuilding, and I call SelfMastery™. So whether you buy a book for yourself, buy one for someone else, or just put it on the coffee table as a conversation piece (to laugh about your crazy brother or friend ha2tim) I don't care, but know that when you do purchase a book you are making an investment in somebody that will work for and with young and older people to bring a better world. One where I don't have to worry about my elders being knocked in the head and screaming for help, and no one comes. So click one or more of the links and invest.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears
*by the way look out for me i will becoming to a city near you. I will be putting a book tour together, and I will be bringing the Axe'!!!! 
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
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