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Baba chapter 4 part I

be on look out for part II
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Chapter 4

It has been three days since I have spoken to Simba, and at this point I am on pins and needles. What’s
taking him or them so long to determine whether they are going to let me participate in the rites. For the first time in years I actually said a prayer. This is something that I really want or actually need to do. It is as if something within my soul awakened when he asked me to participate in this group.
I have put a lot of thought into what he said about the appropriate amount to present to the council as my sacrifice. I think that the info that Simba has already shared with me is priceless so I figured to give at least the same amount that I would have spent on some jewelry or some rims for a new car, if I was that type. I decided that five stacks would be a big enough sacrifice for right now, especially with no money coming in.
I must have dozed off because the ringing of the phone shocked me.
“Yes, I am looking for a Jason Gadeon.”
This was a voice I never heard before, and he is saying my whole name, spooked me out but I decided to throw caution to the wind.
“What’s up?”
“Is this Jason Gadeon?”
“I said what’s up?”
“Well I’m calling for Baba Simba.”
“Baba Simba?”
I have had many conversations with Simba and he never referred to himself as Baba.
“You do know the Baba?”
“Well I have instructions to call you and tell you to report tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. to 1487 Main Street. Have your sacrifice in a white envelope and be ready to work.”
And as suddenly as the call started, it ended. All I heard was a click. I wrote down the instructions and went back to sleep.
I rose at 4:30 excited about what the future may bring. I have all kinds of questions to ask about the rites, but I will flow with what ever comes. I don’t plan to give this amount of money and just walk away.
When I arrived at 1487 I saw a nice looking building with a sign out front saying GyeNyame Nation Builder’s Club. I have passed this place a million times and never noticed it. The building looks like a store front with a warehouse in the back. I can’t help but to wonder what goes on here. I walk to the door and knock at 6 a.m. on the nose. When the door opens, I immediately smell a beautiful flowery incense. It is so strong I almost choke. A dark skinned brother greets me at the door.
“Who are you?”
“I’m Jason Gadeon.”
“Do you have a sacrifice?”
“Give it to me. Come on in, we have been waiting for you.”
When I entered, the brother locked the door behind me. It looks like a bookstore, but I see no cash register around.
“Follow me.”
He walks me into a room that is full of bookshelves and couches. There are three other men in the room. All of them are looking nervous.
“Sit over there with them.”
I move even though I am feeling uncomfortable because the man’s tone is very aggresive.
“I’d like to take the time to welcome all of you to the lounge area of the Columbus chapter of the Gye Nyame Nation Builder’s Club. If you have made it in here you have been accepted as initiates into our sacred family. We have a very long and powerful history which as an initiate you will learn in detail. If you are willing and able to continue on this path, a whole new world will open up for you.”
He went silent for a second allowing his words to sink into our brains.
“My name is Brother Malik. I have advanced to the level of Supreme in this family so I will be your guide through your rites. Everything that you need to know I will teach you. The only thing I ask for is your trust and obedience. All of you will first be given a new name as an initiate. I have looked over all of your information that your sponsor gave to me. I will use this info to give out your names. When I point at you step forward to receive your name.”
Simba never mentioned that I would have to change my name. Hell, I like my name. Now if they change my name what else will they change. From the looks of things, I will receive my name last. He called the first guy- Kwesi. He took the time to spell it out for him and I suspect us as well, so that we could pronounce it correctly. Second man’s name was Kwa, third kwodo,and mine was Kwabena. I wanted to know where these names originated and why we were using them.
“These are the names that you will be called when you are here or handling family business. Get use to it.”
Get use to it!  I don’t even know what a Kwabena is. How am I supposed to get use to it?
“At this time all of you will go before the Elders one at a time for your final interview. At that time you will receive the opportunity to continue moving forward or you can quit and go on with your life. So I will blindfold all of you and yall will spend the next few hours blindfolded as we finish the interviews. Good luck!”
He put us in a line and placed the blindfold over my face, and it seemed as if I stood waiting for hours. My legs began to burn, and my feet began to hurt. Time was inching along it seemed, but my time finally came.

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