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The BaBa continued part 1 chapter 2

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Brother ha2tim 

Chapter 2
I’m up with the sun, thinking about what will happen when I meet with Orlando (Baba). At times he could be ruthless, and I was praying that this wasn’t one of those times. He built his rep on the streets by being able to hold his crew together, and I was trying to get out. I owed him no money, and had disrespected him in no way. I just was tired of the endless game we were playing, it had become a burden I no longer wanted to carry. I hoped he would be reasonable, but with the money he would lose with me being gone, that was not likely.
    I left my apartment in the early morning because for what I wanted to discuss, that was the best time to catch him. I figured all his heavy hitters were somewhere asleep preparing for the next day. The only one in the crew that worried me was Brutus, he was not a thinker. He just reacts, in a fair fight I would whip his ass but nothing is ever fair in the streets, especially when you are trying to get out.  I’ve seen my situation over and over again. Just when a nigga was trying to get out,  something would happen to hold him back. Whether it’s a robbery that leaves him dead broke, they get picked up by the police and serve some time in the pen, or the worst one yet they get murdered. I am personally ready for whatever may come. I don’t have all my money in one spot so if I get robbed it won’t be for all my money. I am not concerned about the police because they have nothing on me (at least I think). But there is no prep for the murder scenario. I had robbed other niggas, I have beat people to within an inch of their life, and I have murdered.  Without the protection of my crew, mainly Orlando, I could be a walking target for my enemies. Who is going to avenge an ex-thug?
    Today I decide to drive. I am glad that I chose not to spend my money on fancy cars, rims, clothes and jewelry.  I have been driving an old caravan for the past two years. Nobody ever believed I was making as much  loot and I was. Orlando thought I was snorting for awhile because I wasn’t trying to show off my riches like the rest of the crew. When we hit a lick others would go out and buy a piece of jewelry for 5 G’s. I’d take my money and buy a computer and repair my van. They take their dirty money by Fubu, Sean John, and Coogi. I’d buy me a little stock off the internet (not too much), put up the rest and go to the cheap stores. I’d never try to compete because I guess I never thought of hustling the rest of my life.

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