Monday, April 4, 2011

Circle in the sand- Preston J. Harrison

Circle in the sand, PorthmeorImage by Mags via Flickr
I drew a circle in the sand and stood on the outside.
Letting the inner part reflect what was left for me to hide.
I let the arc of the circle serve as the border,
as the line between in and out represented the order.
We often draw lines that don't mean anything,
while contained in the frames are "the blues" plenty sing.
What's lost in translation is what's gained without pride,
without ego and fear around the circle's outside.
Were all trapped in a circle that's not even there,
imprisoned by doubts and illusions we share.
Our friends serve as wardens, our families as guards,
and we are the cellmates allowed in the yards.
I stood on the outside feeling totally free,
then drew the conclusion the circle was me.
My mind escaped again as it usually does,
now there's no circle, nor sand?
I doubt there ever was.


Preston J. Harrison
Imperial Integrative Health Research&Development, LLC.

Home of OXYwater.

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