Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I do remember-Preston J. Harrison

BJ904 Ancient Egypt at British MuseumImage by listentoreason via Flickr

  I do remember

The corporate structure is bizarre

as most executives come off crazy.

But my memories of Kemet

make americans seem too lazy.

For I am the original architect,

the pillar of civilization.
The star gazer, world shaper,
the muse of practical application.
Astrology was my child
then I gave birth to math and science.
Biology is kind of mild
in relation to spirit and self-reliance.
Carpentry was a breeze:
a craft created while still a kid.
Rome and Greece will both fall short
when compared to my pyramid.
Geometry was a language
before religion became a trend.
Before time was kept on wrists
contained in concepts meant to end.
Before before yet after that
time was but a cool dimension.
When God was The Divine Collective
and death and life were just transitions.
When my past could shape my now
because my future was not behind me.
Nowadays I often ask,
"Where have I gone that none can find me?"

Preston J. Harrison

Imperial Integrative Health Research&Development, LLC.

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